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The Iditarod Trail Invitational race has always been about human-powered effort and solidarity.

On the Trail, racers help each other out and off the Trail, volunteers assist racers and communities along the way.

We have always been conscious about our environment and the people we encounter on the Trail. Our athletes fully adhere to this priority and support us from all around the world in making the race a more sustainable, charitable and ethical event every year.

So with this in mind, as we implemented new changes to the 2018 race, it became essential for us, race organizers, to go the extra mile.

To give back in an official capacity and reaffirm our full commitment to the support of communities and environment of our incredible Trail, we have set up The Intrepid Path Foundation. Our work will focus in raising funds to improve schooling conditions of local children, living standards of communities along the Trail and to better protect our environment.

We are honored to serve the people and nature we love every year. It may be the toughest winter ultra race, and it is now also the kindest.

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Supporting schools

Education is the foundation of a strong community. With a proper education, regardless how remote children are, they have a chance to build a stronger future and look after their communities. This is why we have decided to support schools along our Trail. Because every child deserves the best possible education.

Supporting communities

We are honoured to race in some of the world’s most remote areas. Living conditions can be tough for communities and it is our duty to help the communities who help the race be a wonderful human experience beyond being the world’s greatest and toughest winter adventure.

Supporting the environment

The race takes place in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our commitment to protect our exceptional environment is non-negotiable. All our racers pledge to this commitment and we are proud to go further in our support thanks to donation to The Intrepid Path Foundation.

“The Intrepid Path Foundation gives the world’s toughest race a very soft edge, which makes the Iditarod Trail Invitational the most compelling adventure and sporting event to support. Supporting the race is supporting the ecosystem.”

Lucas Smith, Walk On CEO,  Sponsor

“It is not everyman’s race but everyone benefits.”

David Frearson, Bike Racer

“To follow the path less traveled requires a different type of character; a character that, if cultivated and nurtured, can do anything.”

Miles covered
Racers in 2018

I'm not sure if anything else exists that provides such a challenge and the opportunity to meet such a great bunch of people.

Allan TillingBike racer, 2005

Finishing the race is a huge accomplishment for an athlete. But knowing you are doing something good is simply galvanising.

Melissa SchwarzBike racer, 2017

When you are so exhausted fighting the elements and ready to give up, knowing the race has a greater purpose is the best motivator. It gives you the mental strength you need to push on.

David FrearsonBike Racer, 2017
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